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We use the very latest in responsive design practices to ensure your website looks great on any device.

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Responsive website design that look's great on any device.

At Llewellyn Design, we create websites that will render to any device screen size from desktop, laptop, tablet to phone. The method uses powerful css (Bootstrap) which allows tables and boxes to stretch and shrink with custom in-house written style sheets to change any element on the page including tabs, images or font sizes to suit the viewers screen size.

What are the benefits of responsive design?

responsive website design

Responsive layout example

In the not so distant past we would design websites to fit desktops and laptops and then came along the smart phone and everything changed. As more people began using hand held devices to perform internet searches our job was to provide a solution for our clients who wanted to target those users. This saw the development of the mobile web app which was great if your business was able to absorb the costs of maintaining and updating two versions of content on a desktop website & standalone mobile website. Unfortunately for most small businesses this era came and went.

A One site fits all solution
Now with popular tablets and notepads sitting in between it was obvious a change in strategy was required and this gave birth to the concept of 'responsive' design.
Responsive design allows the page content to fluidly adapt to fit the users device screen width across desktop, tablet and mobile. This not only means a richer experience and continuity for the end user, the site owner also benefits by only requiring a single website to reach both desktop and mobile users and making site updates and maintenance less complicated and more cost effective.

responsive website design

Responsive layout example

How much does a responsive website cost?

You'll be pleased to learn that 'responsive' comes as standard in all our web based projects. If you're a business start up check out our web design package deals providing you with a choice of four carefully designed packages to suit your requirements and budget. We also provide responsive web design for bespoke projects that require specific advanced features which we'd be more than happy to discuss with you over the phone or send us your details via our online form.

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Responsive web design packages for start up businesses

We can build you a basic yet incredible platform that will work on all the latest browsers, tablets and mobile phones using responsive website design.
Choose from 4 packages and start growing your business online from as little as £499.00

What we provide

Responsive Design

Fluid layout that adapts to fit desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Custom Elements

Tailored elements from members areas, media players to custom forms.

Web Hosting & Email

Fast and reliable cloud website hosting with unlimited bandwidth and email.

Connect Social Media

We connect up all your social networking pages to attract new visitors.

Listings on Google

Get your business/services/products listed on the major search engines.

Data Analytics

Recieve up to date web stats & insights to your websites performance.

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