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The Google Speed Test

The current number one search engine has now started ranking websites higher that are more user friendly and faster to load on mobile devices. If you wasn't aware before you may be surprised to know that Google treats searches performed on mobile devices separately from wider tablets and desktops and the important part to all this is that If your website does not meet their strict new standards then you could be missing out entirely on important traffic to test passed competitors. In a nutshell that can amount to a loss of over 50% of potential visitors.

How it works

The speed test analyses all things under-the-hood that can slow down or hold up the delivery of a websites content. Once the test has been performed it returns the score results along with a work through list of the affecting issues.

What we do

Llewellyn Design provide the required corrections to achieve a pass for each page in your website. Corrections include render blocking css and javascript, browser caching issues, to mimification and image compression.

What are the benefits?

  • Dramatically reduce page load time.
  • Enhance mobile, tablet and desktop viewers experience.
  • Reduce visitor bounce rate.
  • Improve page rankings.

What type of websites do you fix?

Currently WordPress websites and standard html websites and in most cases we require ftp and/or control panel access to carry out the fixes.

How much does it cost to get a passed website?

Each web site is unique in it's make up and test results can dramatically vary hence there is no set fee, however we do offer a competitive hourly rate of £35.
If you would like a FREE test and quote simply email us your website address and we'll send your results along with your quote for any corrections required.
Alternatively you can perform the test yourself from the link below and then email us the results for your quotation.

Take the 'Mobile friendly' test

Check now to find out how user friendly you web site is here:

Take the 'Google Page speed' test

Use Google PageSpeed Tools to identify ways to make your site faster:

Get a quote for fixing the issues?

Email your site report and we'll quote you for the repairs.

Speedboost methods include

Avoid landing page redirects

Leverage browser caching

Optimisation for all images

Enable compression

Minify CSS & JavaScript

Prioritise visible content

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